Our company, the Digital Banking Systems Software and Hardware Development Ltd. was established in 1992. With their professional past in the area of financial institutions, and hence, their experience in banking and banking-related computing, the owners defined the objective of the company's business activity as the development of software (primarily for banking use) to satisfy individual needs, the development of target hardware and processes based on original ideas, the up-to-date tracking and adaptation of trends emerging on the international market.

However, we do not regard our job as complete by merely selling our systems. We are continuously available to our customers with warranty and post-warranty service support, flat rate servicing, maintenance and complete support service, and with suggestions for expansion and development of our installed systems.

One of our objectives is to try and test our projects at an international level, and to complete successful projects in the neighboring countries.

Our primary clients are prominent participants in the banking sector. We are confident that we can also contribute to their success with our products and services.



In order to create products satisfying quality requirements and standards, the implementation of our projects is monitored from the beginning to the end by our Quality Assurance Manager. A guarantee for our high quality work is our ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance certificate awarded in 2002 and improved to ISO 9001:2008 in 2009, thereafter we got ISO 9001:2015 certification in 2017.


We wish to satisfy the needs of our clients by our extensive network of partners. Large multi-national companies can be found among our partners just as well as fully Hungarian-owned small enterprises.

All of our co-workers are highly qualified professionals, who enjoy their job like a favorite hobby. Their up-to-date knowledge is guaranteed by the monitoring of information technology literature, with special regard to the particular areas of our clients, as well as by their participation in ongoing courses, professional trainings and conferences.

Contact, location of headquarters

Address:H-1214 Budapest, Szabadság str. 19-21.

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