Intelligent KIOSK

The beginning of 2009 we started to deal with an intelligent, multifunctional KIOSK project. Our goal was to create an automatic client service device, which was configured flexibly by the operator and could be represented the most of products of the operator. For this purpose, many hardware and software components were integrated into our KIOSK from the scanning of personal document to the age estimation software. Nowadays, working of KIOSKs in the online network is an important and cost-effective solution. So it can be operated safely, and implemented a customer-focused service. The central server has two main tasks, such as service manager, and remote monitoring (security) functions.
Main features:
  • Touch screen (19 inch +),
  • Flexibility of cash-handling capacity (coins and banknotes), Intelligent KIOSK Platform,
  • Cash-free payment (credit cards, mobile payments, etc.),
  • NFC chip cards or document management,
  • Document reader.

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CheckSign Terminal

The CheckSign Terminal is a target hardware developed for the CheckSign Remote System supporting signature checking.

The tellers, who are in direct contact with the customers, can use these devices to transmit the digitalized images of signatures and seals appearing on the documents. The co-workers with graphology training are located at the other endpoints of the system (physically, these can be authorization stations at any point of the network), they will perform the evaluation based on the information obtained from the databank. To facilitate their work, the software offers maximum support to their decision.

The authorization result is received by the CheckSign Terminal and recorded on the document, thus excluding the possibility of manipulation and complicity in illegal action during the whole process.

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Multi safe operation

Controlling of the electronic cashier deposit safe can adapt the equipments to the local environment by following the concepts of our clients.

Controlling enables manual setting and operation through the keyboard of the equipment, as well as achieves the communication of serial lines established in order to achieve control from an external unit.

External controlling of the safe can be achieved via two serial (COM1, COM2) lines, such as from two connected PCs. Setting and operation of the multi-safe is password-protected.

The software, which is capable of controlling any number of branches, stores the access data of the user operators separately with respect to each individual branch. Apart from the opening and closing of branches accessible to him/her, and the modification of his/her own passport, the user is not authorized to perform any other operation. The distribution of privileges, the setting of the operating parameters of the device is the responsibility of the supervisor with a special privilege (which is nevertheless restricted to programming activity), who can only open the branches within the framework of his/her simultaneous classification as an operator.

A further security factor is represented by the fact that controlling enables the logging of all events (such as the opening times of branches, the names of operators, the dates and times of emergencies).
Controlling can be integrated in the banking protection system.

Electronic safe deposit box operation

The electronic operation of safe deposit boxes is suitable for the operation of any customer safe and vault door, independent of its type, manufacturer or size.

Controlling can be installed for safe systems of any configuration, and due to the modular extension architecture, the number of controlled boxes is not limited, either.

The controlling of the safe deposit boxes eliminates the need for a master key, therefore, the client can handle his/her boxes without being accompanied by a bank employee, using his/her key, magnetic or chipcard or biometric features (such as hand geometry).

Controlling enables the automatic parameterization and event archiving of the opening, closing times of the safe room and the boxes, as well as other data related to usage.