• GEBS - The objective of the Global Electronic Bank System (GEBS) is complex support of the electronic banking services of financial institutions. More >>
    • GEBS - CardBank
      Card management from born to end of lifetime of the card. Card type are Visa, Mastercard and cards with own logo. More >>
    • GEBS - MobileBank
      Interactive banking services to mobile phone customers based on SMS. More >>
    • GEBS - PhoneBank
      The PhoneBank module enables the customers to receive verbal information from the bank using a touchtone telephone, and to perform certain banking transactions. More >>

  • CheckSign - CheckSign is a signature registration and checking system satisfying the requirements of banking transactions, based on a central database, and utilizing manual checking methodology. More >>

  • netBAR v9
    netBAR offers a fast, easy-to-use, user-friendly and secure connection towards the Interbank Debtor and Credit Registry System (KHR), with the minimization of expenses and maximum utilization of the available automatic functions. More >>

  • BankNote
    The BankNote system summarizes on the cashier's monitor the images and characteristic features of currency denominations as well as the important characteristics experienced in the Bank. More >>