The objective of the Global Electronic Bank System (GEBS) is complex support of the electronic banking services of financial institutions. The GEBS is a transaction support software system enabling the banks to offer non-stop availability to their clients, thus guaranteeing continuous access to their accounts via automatic teller machines (ATMs), telephone information service systems, or mobile phones. GEBS performs the handling of bankcards linked to individual bank accounts (online) in close cooperation of the central, integrated banking system of the operating bank. Beyond banking hours, GEBS is able to satisfy customer demands while relying on its own database (offline).


Through its interfaces, GEBS offers different forms of availability to clients. Automatic teller machines can be used for cash withdrawal and deposit with accepted and issued bankcards, as well. Using the MobileBank module, the account holder can receive immediate notification of the account activity, and with the PhoneBank module, transactions related to individual accounts can be performed using a telephone supporting the tone mode.

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GEBS is capable of serving customer's needs in both online and offline connections. Customers can use their bankcards for cash withdrawal or shopping outside banking hours even at night or in the case of incidental operating troubles. GEBS guarantees access to the current, actual status of the accounts.

GEBS completely separates the accounting system of the bank from the electronic transaction support, consequently, the account data are completely secure, the possibility of abuse is eliminated. The high level IT security and encryption methods prevent unauthorized use.
In the increasingly fierce interbank competition, GEBS, which is built on a uniform database and offers a coordinated solution for the setting of parameters and limits, is capable of supporting the introduction of new electronic services in a fast and easy way without the modification of the central accounting system at the bank.