Electronic bank
Bankcards are the most frequently used instruments among electronic banking facilities. The number of bankcard transactions is increasing steadily year by year. The GEBS enables all financial institutions to offer their customers electronic banking services linked to the central accounting system.

Bankcard instead of cash
Why would your customer use cash, when he/she can choose between the most frequently used card types satisfying international standards? The use of Visa and Mastercard, as well as the handling of cards with their own logos, is equally supported in GEBS. The opportunity to vary banking services is feasible in the case of bankcards, as well, consequently, cards for personal or business, for domestic or international use, respectively, and cards satisfying other demands can be issued. Owing to the flexible configuration of GEBS, further options can be parameterized as well, corresponding to international trends.

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A special opportunity available in Hungary is the cash withdrawal service at post offices, which can be utilized by your banking customers using GEBS, as well.

One step from the idea to the implementation
Corresponding to the built-in algorithm, CardBank performs the generation of the PIN code and the printing of the PIN envelope, and the cards are produced including the setting of outer design elements and electronic identifiers. The issued cards can be immediately activated and the corresponding services can be utilized.

The background
Security of the electronic communication connected with the transactions, and visual communication with customers is also part of the function of GEBS, just as the handling of faulty or unauthorized transactions.
If there is still need for cash
From the issuance of the bankcard, to the expiration date, GEBS manages the cards linked to the accounts. A further function of GEBS is the operation of the bank's automatic teller machines. ATMs bearing international logos can be used by the customers of other banks, as well, just as your customers can use the cash machines of other banks.

Your customer has only one thing left to do: spend his/her withdrawn cash...