The objective to offer customers the widest possible range of services beside those traditionally available with a minimum input of time and effort takes a prominent place among the short-term plans of most banks. An easy-to-use and generally popular device, the mobile telephone, can give assistance to achieve this objective. Using GSM devices and the GEBS - Mobilebank, some of the usual services can be utilized by the clients of the bank.

The client purchasing this service can obtain information on the account activity very rapidly, and this gives him/her a sense of security, since he/she will become immediately aware of possible unauthorized use. He/she can immediately inactivate his/her account or card subjected to unauthorized use, with the MobileBank system.

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Banking customers can access desired information in many ways: automatically, initiated by the system based on the setting of daily limits, or manually, when the access of the desired information is initiated by the customer.

By the multiplication of channels, the MobileBank system is capable of communicating with any desired number of wireless service providers. The development of the communication channel enables the adaptation of the protocols of service providers newly entering the market. Data protection between the bank and the mobile service provider can be solved with both the algorithm supported by the service provider and the bank's own algorithm.
The charges for the services can be billed based on the number of transactions or with respect to a given period of time. Rates can be discounted based on the access frequency, customer categories, or individual offerings.

The operation by the bank and its security is assisted by remote management, the opportunity to detect frauds, the setting of privileges, status tracking and the preparation of statistics and statements are all supported options.

Setting the message categories enables the use of the service for marketing purposes, and the opportunity to send individual messages makes personal communication possible.