The GEBS - PhoneBank module developed by Digital Banking Systems enables the customers to receive verbal information from the bank using a touchtone telephone, and to perform certain banking transactions. Customers with fax machines can obtain written information by the push of a few buttons. These can be achieved without the need for 24-hour assistance service by a qualified team of account representatives.

The objective of the PhoneBank is to offer customers access to their account information, foreign currency and foreign exchange rates, interest rates offered by the bank and special offers, as well as enable them to perform certain banking transactions by the use of a telephone.

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Using the buttons of his/her telephone of fax machine (Tone Mode or One-Call Fax Delivery Mode, respectively), the customer can use the call center of the bank. The stored voice and text panels provide information to the caller and give him/her directions in the PhoneBank system. Commands given in the menu system are executed immediately, and the desired operations can be immediately performed following identification.

Advantage for the customer
For the banking customer, it offers an opportunity to request account information and initiate transactions:
  • without personal appearance;
  • from long distance;
  • using a mobile or wired telephone (tone mode) or a fax machine;
  • with prompt processing times;
  • satisfying data security requirements;
  • without the need for account representatives.
Advantage for the bank
The use of PhoneBank enables faster and more cost-effective customer service. Waiting times in bank branches is shortened and the burden on customer service is reduced.

A new marketing channel is opened up towards existing customers. Customer groups can receive customized information on special offers, actual news and new services.

Built-in logging enables the precise tracking of customer habits. The obtained statistical information can be used for further improving the standards of banking services and customer satisfaction.