CheckSign is a signature registration and checking system satisfying the requirements of banking transactions, based on a central database, and utilizing manual checking methodology. By the definition of various levels of authorizations, and various systems of conditions, limits and other parameters related to signatures and accounts, it offers high-level customer identification in order to ensure secure banking services.

Besides checking and registering customer signatures, CheckSign offers an efficient option for logging decision responsibility.
During development, the creation of a secure system was of paramount importance. Secure use is now available through the utilized security components, starting from protected access to endpoint identification.

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The introduction of CheckSign does not require a large-scale hardware purchase, it can be installed on the existing user environment. The state-of-the-art technology used for system configuration offers unlimited access of the application and the database to account representatives.

CheckSign can be installed in many different banking transaction environments.
  • In the case of remote signature checking, the digitalized signatures are checked by banking employees with graphology training, in the authorization center of the bank.
  • In the case of local checking, the employees of individual branches check the signatures stored in the central database on location.
The CheckSign system may contain both software and specialized hardware components, based on the requirements of the user bank.
  • The software environment offers an opportunity for the storage and checking of signatures digitalized with any device.
  • Using the special hardware, the process of digitalization can be accelerated and integrated. The electronically stored signature samples are prepared based on an identical template, therefore, their storage and processing is greatly simplified.