netBAR offers a fast, easy-to-use, user-friendly and secure connection towards the Interbank Debtor and Credit Registry System (KHR), with the minimization of expenses and maximum utilization of the available automatic functions. netBar fulfills two functions at the same time: on one hand, it decreases the risk of credit extension by immediate KHR queries, on the other hand, it automatically satisfies the data supply requirement for banks to the KHR system provided by law.
The netBAR support the Act. CXXII of 2011. required entire list (negative and positive credit history) consumer credit records management. This started in the v9 version.

Comfort and speed
The built-in automatic features of netBar make the collection of data from the IT system of the bank, which are required for the reports to the KHR system, fast and comfortable. Based on the adjusted parameters, the compiled report is sent to the central KHR system. All this is performed without human intervention.

The query function can be utilized through an Internet browser from any (authorized) computer of the bank. The completion and sending of a form to the central KHR is required for the initiation of a query. The response arrives instantly, just as if the user was working in the bank's own IT network. There is no need to involve a new channel or manual administration in order to obtain the necessary information.

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Simple use
The technology applied in netBar enables a cost-effective, easy-to-learn use. The operator has no need for an installed client software, only an internet browser is necessary to use it on an office computer.

The page of the netBAR server is located on a web-server, within the intranet of the bank, this is connected with a client to the central KHR database. The operator's computer remains hidden in the external network, thus guaranteeing secure operation.
The applied technology enables the initiation of KHR queries from any desired number of branches and representatives of the user. The authorization check of users connecting to the netBAR server is performed at their network entry, there is no need for a separate user identifier and password.

Simple environment
Only a minimal purchase of equipment is needed for the use of netBAR. The server page requires the installation of Windows 2003 Standard Server, MS IIS6+ and MS SQL or Oracle, whereas the client page requires an internet browser of version IE6+ and an Acrobat Reader 5.0.